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Advances in Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques for Renewable Energy Systems

Collection Editors: Prof. Dr. Hamid Torab and Dr. Saeed Tiari
Submission Deadline: 20 June 2024

Keywords: heat transfer enhancement; renewable energy systems; advanced heat exchanger; nanofluids, phase change materials; solar thermal; wind energy; geothermal heat transfer; bioenergy systems

Photovoltaic-based Microgrids

Collection Editor: Dr. Ignacio Martin-Diaz
Submission Deadline: 30 August 2024

Keywords: microgrid; energy management; solar cell; photovoltaic generation; renewable energy; electric load; battery storage system; inverter; PV panel

Law & Economics on Energies

Collection Editor: Dr. Antonio Sánchez-Bayón
Submission Deadline: 30 August 2024

Keywords: law & economics on energy; public choice on energy; social choice on energy; sociological institutionalism on energy; new-institutional approach on energy; heterodox approaches on energy; efficiency on energy production and consumption; incentives on energy production and consumption; energy management & policies; energy transition; distortions on energy management; energy property rights; emission rights and markets; green deal; green energies

Energy Conversion and Advanced Thermal Performance

Collection Editor: Dr. Daren Zheng and Dr. Bolun Zhang
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2025

Keywords: energy conversion; heat transfer enhancement; thermal management; active/passive cooling application; energy storage; renewable energy; low emission combustion; heat exchanger

Multiscale and Multiphysics Approaches for Integrating Nanostructured Materials in Advanced Energy Systems

Collection Editors: Prof. Dr. Eden Mamut, Prof. Dr. Tony Georgiev Spassov and Prof. Dr. Sergei Ivanovich Sidorenko
Submission Deadline: 20 August 2024

Keywords: nanotechnologies; nanomaterials; multiscale; multiphysics; advanced energy systems; green energy transition

Advancements in CO2 Capture, Storage, and Monitoring Technologies: Challenges and Solutions

Collection Editor: Dr. Qin He
Submission Deadline: 20 December 2024

Keywords: carbon capture; carbon storage; carbon monitoring; low-carbon technologies

Automotive Sector towards an Improved Transport System

Collection Editor: Dr. Roberto Capata
Submission Deadline: 1 September 2024

Keywords: hybrid vehicle configuration; drive cycle analysis simulation and comparison; components packaging and configuration; electric motor/generator optimization and selection; batteries configuration and optimization; energy storage technique and application; power control and energy management; fuel consumption minimization and economy

Nuclear Energy System and Applications

Collection Editor: Dr. Chunyan Zou and Dr. Deyang Cui
Submission Deadline: 10 December 2024

Keywords: reactor design and analysis; nuclear fuel cycles; reactor physics and neutronics; innovative reactors and new applications; reactor thermal hydraulics and safety; digital reactor and new technology; waste management, spent fuel, decommissioning; radiation shielding

Research Progress of Gas Flow during Coal Seam Gas Extraction and Gas-Bearing Disasters

Collection Editor: Dr. Xuelong Li
Submission Deadline: 10 December 2024

Keywords: method and equipments of coal seam gas/coalbed methane extraction; technology of coal seam gas/coalbed methane utilization; gas flow of CBM/CSG; gas adsorption, diffusion and seepage; mechanism of coal/rock dynamic disaster within gas; prevention and control theory of dynamic disaster of gas-bearing coal; control technology of coal and rock dynamic disaster; mechanics and dynamics of gas-bearing coal; acoustoelectric characteristics of gas-bearing coal flow process; deformation law of coal and rock in gas extraction; stress response of coal containing gas under load deformation and failure

Power System Analysis, Operation and Control

Collection Editor: Dr. Ke Xu
Submission Deadline: 30 January 2025

Keywords: power system control; power system stability; power system operation; renewable energy resources; intelligent techniques; power system analysis; power system protection; renewable energy integration; smart grid; microgrid; transmission system

Improve Technologies to Increase Green Energies Efficiency

Collection Editor: Dr. Cristian Paul Chioncel
Submission Deadline: 10 September 2024

Keywords: wind turbine; PV; efficiency; green energies

Desalination Processes Focused on Reducing Water Scarcity with Renewable Energy Coupling

Collection Editor: Dr. Germán Eduardo Dévora Isiordia
Submission Deadline: 15 September 2024

Keywords: desalination; water reuse; membrane technology; developing countries; decentralized systems; case study; seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO); brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO); operation and finance; water quality; environmental impact; specific energy consumption; polarization factor; biofouling; pretreatment; recovery and flux

Advances in New Energy Vehicle

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Shida Nie
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: energy management; speed planning; eco-driving control; dynamic control; electric motor/generator; novel applications of electric vehicles; vehicles for safety-critical applications

Selected Papers from the 15th International Conference on Thermal Engineering

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Ziad Saghir and Prof. Dr. Rahman Mohammad Mansur
Submission Deadline: 30 July 2024

Keywords: multi phase flow; fluid flow and heat transfer; transport phenomena in porous media; microfluidic/nanofluidics; renewable energy; phase change application; hydrogen application; hydrogen storage