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Volume 2, Issue 2
December 2023

New Energy Exploitation and Application is an open access, international English language journal focusing on the latest developments in the field of energy. It aims to provide a communication platform for energy researchers, energy workers, and other people who study and care about energy development worldwide to disseminate, share and discuss the sustainable development of energy.

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Victoria’s Energy Transition using n Bottom Line Analysis

To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, Australia must decarbonise the energy sector and other sectors. The 'energy transition' is driven by policy-led construction of renewable infrastructure and regulation changes. However, no holistic analysis of the path forward currently exists. This research aims to develop a clear plan for Victoria's energy transition by evaluating three scenarios....

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Token-Based Smart Power Contract for Interoperable Blockchains of Networked Microgrid System

Designing the secure and privacy-protected smart power contract between electricity suppliers and consumers, considered agents, of different microgrids, is a challenging task in the networked- microgrid system. A framework is suggested in which each microgrid implements a heterogeneous or isomorphic blockchain based platform. The blockchain interoperability, inherently, is present in different blockchains implemented by various...

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Significant Development Potential of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell for the Technical Progress of the Marine Main Propulsion Plant in the Context of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has proposed a series of strict pollutant emission regulations and carbon emission reduction targets, and the shipping industry is seeking new types of the marine main propulsion plant with advantages of high-efficiency and low-emission. Among the possible alternatives, the marine electric propulsion technology whose electric power source is fuel cell...

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