New Energy Exploitation and Application Reviewer Board Members Recruitment


New Energy Exploitation and Application (NEEA) is now recruiting Reviewer Board Members (RBMs). If you are an active researcher in the field and passionate about publishing cutting-edge research, or if you could recommend potential candidates, please contact the Editorial Office ( to apply for this role.

New Energy Exploitation and Application (NEEA) is an open access, international English language journal focusing on the latest developments in the field of energy. It publishes academic papers and reviews of the results of research on the sustainable development of various energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biogas energy, as well as the relationship between energy and economy, environment, and policy. This journal integrates academic and ideological aspects, encourages innovation in thoughts and academics, advocates science, and devotes itself to academic prosperity. It aims to provide a communication platform for energy researchers, energy workers, and other people who study and care about energy development worldwide to disseminate, share and discuss the sustainable development of energy.

More information about our journal can be found at:

The benefits of New Energy Exploitation and Application Reviewer Board Members include the following:

  • Reviewer Board Member Certificate;
  • The reviewer’s name would appear on the journal's reviewer acknowledgment at the beginning of each year;
  • The publication of one of your papers per year free of charge in New Energy Exploitation and Application, and of extra papers with special discounts;
  • Your details published on our Editorial Team page, including your photo, name, institute information, research interests, and a hyperlink to your profile page;
  • Chances to become our Topical Advisory Board.

The responsibilities of New Energy Exploitation and Application Reviewer Board Members include the following:

  • Conducting the peer reviews, completing your review reports for multiple manuscripts annually;
  • Following the double-blind peer review policy and process of open access journals, maintaining objectivity, fairness, and impartiality, providing detailed, professional, and constructive review comments.

The term of the Reviewer Board Membership is two years, with the possibility of renewal. However, please note that we are unable to provide any form of honorarium due to the cost-effective nature of our open access publishing service. Should you have any interest in this exceptional opportunity or if you happen to know someone who might be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us ( Hope to collaborate with you in the near future.