Vol. 1 No. 3 (2022)

Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters
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Disaster Risk Assessment, Modelling and Management

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Dr. Shakeel Mahmood

Department of Geography, Government College University Lahore, Pakistan


Dear Colleague,

The theme of this special issue is "Disaster Risk Assessment, Modelling and Management". Disaster risk assessment is to analyze and evaluate the hazard factors and vulnerabilities of the exposed community located in a hazard zone that may bring potential threats or harm to human life, property, livelihood and the environment, and then determine the nature, scope and loss of the disaster. Risk assessment is a process of quantifying the probability damage. PTND is now accepting manuscripts for a special issue with innovative ideas, applications, and management strategies for natural disaster risk assessment, modelling, and management. At the same time, attach great importance to the application of geographic information system and remote sensing technology.(Electronic call for papers)

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30th March 2023.

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Research Articles

  • Strategic approaches for developing a culture of safety management in schools: Indications from literature studies

    Sithulisiwe G. Rata, Tawrun Wanda, Taewoo Lee

    Article ID: 128
    69  (Abstract) 14  (Download)

    Natural disasters can take away children’s lives and their right to quality education. This article identifies and discusses strategies that schools can employ to prepare for and minimise the effects of natural disasters. Using theoretical propositions and literature on disaster management, the article discusses strategies for the prevention of and preparedness to respond to and...

  • A Vulnerability Curve Method to Assess Risks of Climate-Related Hazards at County Level

    Shaochuan Wu, Qing Zhang, Xincui Jin

    Article ID: 130
    31  (Abstract) 0  (Download)

    A comprehensive risk assessment of different types of natural disasters at the county level can promote quantitative disaster risk assessment and can provide a scientific basis for the formulation of disaster prevention measures. Focusing on climate-related hazards and based on natural disaster risk assessment theories and methods, this study integrates disaster statistics, meteorological data, geographic...

Review Articles

  • The pathways between natural disasters and violence against chil-dren: a systematic review

    Parente di Santolo, Carmine Ciaburro

    Article ID: 129
    20  (Abstract) 17  (Download)

    Natural disasters are increasingly affecting a larger segment of the world’s population. These highly disruptive events have the potential to produce negative changes in social dynamics and the environment which increase violence against children. We do not currently have a comprehensive understanding of how natural disasters lead to violence against children despite the growing threat...

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