Become the Topical Advisory Board Member of Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters


The Topical Advisory Board consists of experienced and early career researchers who are enthusiastic about gaining editorial experience. The researchers who currently hold doctoral degrees and independent research positions in academic or governmental institutes are encouraged to apply for the membership of Topical Advisory Board.

As the Topical Advisory Board Member, you will be responsible for:

  • Setting up at least one Topical Collection within two years of the appointment. Collaborations on Topical Collections with other established researchers are encouraged, and are mandatory for early career researchers. The topic of the proposal should be within the scope of the journal. The scope of the Topical Collection should be broad enough to attract a reasonable number of submissions but narrow enough to provide a cohesive collection of articles. The Topical Collection should cover a small part of the scope of the journal, but not the whole;
  • Providing a detailed strategy plan for the Topical Collection, including assisting in preparing the Topical Collection’s title, aim and scope, summary, and keywords, in addition to soliciting papers and promoting the Topical Collection;
  • Supervising the peer-review procedure of articles submitted to the Topical Collection;
  • Providing support for Topical Collections related to your expertise when the Collection Editor(s) is not available. This includes Topical Collection promotion via social media and giving advice on some scientific cases;
  • Promoting the journal at conferences (adding one–two slides into your presentation, distributing flyers, recommending the journal to your colleagues, etc.), on social media, and on other relevant platforms.

As the Topical Advisory Board Member, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  • A recognition certificate as a Topical Advisory Board member;
  • Publish your profile on our Editorial Team's webpage;
  • Publishing one paper free of charge in your Topical Collection each year;
  • Inviting high quality papers to be published in your Topical Collection with certain discounts;
  • Exceptional members will be elevated to become Editorial Board Members.

Appointment of Topical Advisory Board Member:

  • Two years, can be renewed for a second term;
  • The members' performance is assessed annually.

Qualifications for Topical Advisory Board Member:

  • Research field within the journal's scope;
  • Published at least 3 papers in the last 5 years, with experience in peer review preferred;
  • Hold an independent research position in academic or governmental institutes;
  • Stand by open access policy and have the capacity to make contributions to our journal.

If you are interested, please contact the Editorial Office ( to apply for this role.