Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters (PTND) manages topical collections in order to curate papers on specific subjects. The objective is to foster a community of authors and readers who can engage in discussions about the latest research and explore new ideas and research directions. These topical collections are led and supervised by Collection Editors who possess expertise in the respective field and oversee the editorial process for the papers. All the papers published in a topical collection are consolidated on a dedicated page of the journal's website. If you have any queries regarding a topical collection, please reach out to the Editorial Office.

Coastal Community Resilience under Hurricanes

Collection Editor: Dr. Teng Wu
Submission Deadline: 20 November 2024

Keywords: hurricane; coastal community; resilience; climate change

The Nexus between Resilience and Sustainability of Interconnected Critical Entities in the View of Climate Change

Collection Editor: Dr. Athanasios Sfetsos
Submission Deadline: 30 August 2024

Keywords: critical entities; climate change; resilience; sustainability

Natural Disasters in Coastal and Urban Areas–Innovations in Planning, Management and Resilience

Collection Editors: Dr. Giandomenico Foti Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Barbaro and Prof. Dr. Marcelo Gomes Miguez
Submission Deadline: 20 November 2024

Keywords: natural disasters; planning and management; resilience; modeling; sustainable mitigation measures

Recent Advances in Disaster Robotics

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Jason Levy
Submission Deadline: 1 August 2024

Keywords: robotics; disaster response and prevention; technical advances; intelligent autonomous systems; hazard mitigation; disaster risk reduction

Sensor Technologies and IoT Systems for Natural Disaster Management and Resilience

Collection Editor: Dr. Jun Long Lim
Submission Deadline: 28 February 2025

Keywords: sensor; Internet of Things; natural disaster management; resilience enhancement; early warning systems; real time monitoring; data collection; disaster risk assessment; edge technologies; cloud technologies

Climate Extremes and Socioeconomic Shocks: Understanding the Impact on Communities

Collection Editor: Dr. Sanjit Kumar Mondal
Submission Deadline: 28 February 2025

Keywords: climate change; extreme climate events; socioeconomic impacts; community risk assessment; community resilience; adaptation strategies

CFD Methods and Applications for Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters

Collection Editor: Dr. Manolia Andredaki
Submission Deadline: 29 November 2024

Keywords: CFD methods; natural disasters simulation; disaster management and prevention

Advances in Seismic Risk Assessment of Built Heritage: Bridging Traditional Methods and Pioneering Techniques

Collection Editors: Dr. Shaghayegh Karimzadeh, Dr. Matteo Salvalaggio andDr. Marco Donà
Submission Deadline: 31 January 2025

Keywords: single/multi-hazard risk assessments; built heritage; data-driven/artificial intelligence algorithms; risk prioritization methods; decision-making process/policy

Application of Remote Sensing Observations to Characterize Earth's Geological and Atmospheric Disasters

Collection Editors: Dr. Maria Pedone and Dr. Paola Manzari
Submission Deadline: 5 March 2025

Keywords: remote sensing; data from satellites; forecast; risk evaluation and communication; geological hazards; atmospheric modelling and dispersion; planetary field analogues; numerical modelling

Mapping and Monitoring of Natural Disasters with Earth Observation Science

Collection Editor: Dr. Evangelos Roussos
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: remote sensing (optical, thermal, and microwave), photogrammetry, computer vision, and LiDAR, geodesy (GPS and InSAR), geographical information systems and cartography, natural hazards

Sustainable Management of the Built Environment Prone to Natural Hazard Risks

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Ancuța Rotaru
Submission Deadline: 10 October 2024

Keywords: hazard risk mitigation in structures and substructures through case scenario approach; earthquake damage and reconstruction; geotechnical techniques for hazard risk mitigation; structural durability/ vulnerability in areas with natural hazard risk; post-disaster dynamic building generation and regeneration; cultural heritage preservation and restoration; eco-friendly materials for sustainable geotechnical and structural works; innovative IoT technologies for geotechnical and structural monitoring

Resilience Planning for Critical Infrastructure Systems

Collection Editor: Dr. Qiling Zou
Submission Deadline: 4 December 2024

Keywords: critical infrastructure system; resilience; risk; modeling; optimization

Advances in Seismic Resistance and Collapse Prevention of Structures

Collection Editors: Dr. Huihui Li, Dr. Xuyang Cao, Dr. Ruiwei Feng and Dr. Yang Ding
Submission Deadline: 30 April 2025

Keywords: earthquake engineering; structural safety; performance-based seismic design; reliability of structures; seismic risk and resilience; progressive collapse; structural rehabilitations; seismic damage control techniques

Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters: Examples in the Mediterranean Sea and the Volcanic Area of the Naples Bay (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

Collection Editors: Dr. Gemma Aiello and Dr. Mauro Caccavale
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: natural disasters; geological hazard; mediterranean sea; Bay of Naples; earthquakes; submarine landslides; marine tephra; pyroclastic density currents (PDC); tsunami; gas seepages; anthropogenic impacts

Landslides Modeling, Risk Assessment, Prevention and Mitigation

Collection Editor: Dr. Saeid Moussavi Tayyebi
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: computational methods and their applications; reliability and risk assessment; GIS, remote sensing, and machine learning; landslide susceptibility and vulnerability analysis; landslide monitoring techniques; hazard and risk mapping; early warning techniques and disaster management systems; climate change adaptation; slope stability; landslide prevention and mitigation techniques