Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters Topical Collection Editors Recruitment


Prevention and Treatment of Natural Disasters (PTND) (E-ISSN: 2753-7544) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published two issues a year in English language, providing researchers, scholars, scientists, and engineers throughout the world with the exchange and dissemination of theoretical and practice-oriented papers dealing with natural disasters.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mechanisms and nature of hazardous phenomena
  • Disaster prevention, treatment and risk assessment
  • Hydrological disasters: floods; limnic eruptions; tsunamis; storm surges
  • Geological disasters: earthquakes; landslides; erosions; volcanic eruptions; rock falls; ground fissures; land subsidences
  • Atmospheric disasters: oxygen deficiency; dust; chemical vapor; fog and mist; welding fume
  • Climatological/meteorological disasters: drought; wildfire; cold wave; heat wave; ice storm; tornado; tropical cyclone; hail; lightning; snow; hurricane

As a Collection Editor, you will be responsible for:

  • Contributing at least one of your papers to the Topical Collection;
  • Soliciting papers from your peers to be published in this Topical Collection and take advantage of the high publicity of open access, a rapid, high-quality peer-review process, and immediate publication after acceptance;
  • Checking the suitability of abstracts/manuscripts submitted to the Topical Collection;
  • Making a pre-check decision regarding whether to send a new submission to peer review;
  • Making a final decision regarding whether to accept or reject a paper based on peer review outcomes.

As a Collection Editor, you will have the following privileges:

  • A recognition certificate as a Collection Editor;
  • Publishing one paper free of charge in your Topical Collection;
  • Inviting high-quality papers to be published in your Topical Collection with certain discounts.


  • The Collection Editors' research and Collections' focus should be well within the scope of New Energy Exploitation and Application;
  • All the Collection Editors (Chief Collection Editor and Co-Collection Editors) should hold a PhD degree.

We consistently uphold scientific and rigorous publishing principles, as well as strive for high-quality and efficient service objectives. The editorial office remains committed to enhancing the journal's quality and user experience. In this regard, we are pleased to announce the recruitment of new members to our Topical Collection Editors, with the aim of attracting exceptional international scholars to join our team. If you are interested, please fill in the Topical Collection Proposal Form and contact the Editorial Office ( to apply for this role.