Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)

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Research Articles

  • On the Selection of Wavelet Models in the Simulation of Seismic Accelerograms through Evolutionary Optimization

    Daniela Dalla Chiesa, Letícia Fleck Fadel Miguel, Jorge Daniel Riera

    Article ID: 19
    306  (Abstract) 59  (Download)
    A numerical procedure, based on an evolutionary optimization algorithm, has been proposed by the authors for the simultaneous generation of the three components of the seismic ground acceleration. The methodology allows the determination of a train of seismic waves modeled by three different waveforms, for the generation of ground seismic acceleration components. The parameters of...
  • Volcanism and Curie Isotherm Distribution in the Jalisco Block, Mexico

    Roman Alvarez, Vladimir Palafox

    Article ID: 37
    178  (Abstract) 37  (Download)

     A suitable combination of magnetic field determinations is assembled in the whole area of the Jalisco block in central-western Mexico; it serves as the basis for calculations of the Curie Point Isotherm by means of Spectral Analysis. The Jalisco block contains numerous volcanic manifestations; an attempt is made at correlating the Curie Isotherm (CI) with...

  • Optimized Cauchy-Gaussian Blend Model for Stochastic-Parametric Simulation of Seismic Ground Motions

    R. Sharbati, Hamidreza Amindavar, H. R. Ramazi, S. Foti, B. Farzanegan

    Article ID: 62
    225  (Abstract) 33  (Download)

    This article proposes a stochastic model for generation of synthetic seismic ground motions. In the first step, the wavelet coefficients of a record are extracted by the dual-tree complex discrete wavelet transform (DT-CDWT) and then they are simulated by an optimized Cauchy-Gaussian blend (CGB) model. This model predicts well the energy distribution of seismic ground...

  • Improvement of Meteorological Services for Food Security in the Drylands of Nigeria

    Abdullahi Hussaini

    Article ID: 59
    96  (Abstract) 23  (Download)
    Well-coordinated efforts are being made in dishing out meteorological services by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency to ensure the delivery of timely, accurate and quality weather information for the development of agricultural activities in the drylands of Nigeria for sustainable food security. This is through the densification of the observations networks, acquisition of the relevant and...