New Energy Exploitation and Application

Volume 1 Issue 1 (2022)


Computational Investigation of Beryllium and Lithium Performance in Future Fusion Tokamaks

Low-z materials are exemplary candidates in tiling critical plasma-facing components in future fusion reactors due to their low ablation rates under intense high heat fluxes especially during abnormal and hard disruption events. Beryllium and Lithium as low-z materials show good performance as plasma-facing materials in current tokamak. Future tokamaks will exhibit long duration hard disruptions,...

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The Thermohydraulic Characteristics Investigation of the Aluminum Alloy Monometallic Plate-finned Tube in Together with Numerical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes

The article is devoted to the investigation of aluminium alloy plate-finned tube characteristics regarding to the heat exchange intensification. Outer thick finning, inner ribs quantity and rib shape allow to increase heat exchange efficiency. However, the most important task is finding an optimal combination of pipe geometry parameters. Seven different ribbed tube samples were...

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Geoinformation Systems in the Development of Solar Energy in Turkmenistan

The article considers the scientifically substantiated, systematized solar energy resource potentials of Turkmenistan. Geoinformation technological maps based on solar energy resource potentials for use in Turkmenistan have been developed, compiled. The obtained technical, economic potentials and environmental indicators from the use of power plants based on them have been developed. Solar geoinformation technological...

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The Performance Evaluation of Ventilated Windows in the Simultaneous Improvement of Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: A Case Study

Energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) are two crucial required features in a building. Simultaneous improvement of energy efficiency and IAQ in a building can pave the way for obtaining a green building certification. This paper examined the performance of the airflow windows’ supply and exhaust operating modes in energy-saving and providing IAQ criteria....

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