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Volume 1, Issue 1
May 2024

Emerging Contaminants: Soil and Water Perspectives is an open access, international English language journal that serves as a research hub for researchers to exchange and advance knowledge on emerging contaminants in soil and water environments.

It focuses on not only chemicals of emerging concern such as PPCPs and PFAS, but also particles such as engineered nanoparticles and micro(nano)plastics in soils and water.

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  • Language: English
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Emerging Contaminants: Soil and Water Perspectives—A New Open Access Journal

As the editor-in-chief, I am honored and thrilled to welcome you to the launch of a new open-access journal, Emerging Contaminants: Soil and Water Perspectives. Soils and groundwater are the bedrock of life, providing essential support to human society, the natural environment, and the entire ecosystem. However, the quality and functionality of soils and groundwater is increasingly threatened by environmental pollutants, especially emerging contaminants [1]. Also known as contaminants of emerging concern, emerging contaminants constitute a group of newly surfaced environmental pollutants that are refractory, toxic, and bioaccumulative [2]. As emerging contaminants increasingly enters soils and groundwater, the urgency of understanding and mitigating their environmental impacts, especially from the soil and water perspectives, becomes ever more apparent [3].

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