Digital Technologies Research and Applications

Volume 1 Issue 1 (2022)

Explainable Artificial Intelligence: A New Era of Artificial Intelligence

Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as an emerging with advanced methodologies and innovative applications. With the rapid advancement of AI concepts and technologies, there has been a recent trend to add interpretability and explainability to the paradigm. With the increasing complexity of AI applications, their a relationship with data analytics, and the ubiquity of...

Short Communication

Fan-beam Projection-based Feature Extraction for Facial Expression Recognition

This paper presents a novel method of feature extraction using Fan beam projection-based data. The Fanbeam projection covers the image completely and hence gathers all the important information. Even though the image quality is distorted, this type of feature extraction method helps to gather all the important information as there is a huge volume of...


A Predictive Investment Scheme for Dhaka Stock Exchange

Stock market plays a vital role in industrial development of a country. People invest money to make profit from market. Inexperience investors cannot yield profit due to their weak predictions. This research tries to understand the nature of those investors and their demands. Most investors first analyze the prospect of companies based on rate of...

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Hybridized Deep Neural Network Using Adaptive Rain Optimizer Algorithm for Multi-Grade Brain Tumor Classification of MRI Images

Classification of brain tumor is highly significant in the medical field in real-world to improve the progress of treatments. The seriousness behind the tumors are normally graded based on the size into grade I, grade II, grade III and grade IV. This is where the process of multi-grade brain tumor classification gains attention. Thus, the...

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A Sociopsychological Approach to Millennials Attitudes on Social Networking Sites

This research aims to identify the social and psychological origins of needs, which may result in the need to obtain certain gratifications from social networking sites, different patterns of social networking sites usage, or cause social networking sites addiction, and the possible consequences they may have on millennials social capital and attitudes toward social networking...

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