Raspberry-PI based Design of An Interactive Smart Mirror for Daily Life


Lyons, J. R., Anicho, O., & Secco, E. L. (2024). Raspberry-PI based Design of An Interactive Smart Mirror for Daily Life. Digital Technologies Research and Applications, 3(2), 89–103.


  • Joe Reginald Lyons School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Liverpool Hope University, Hope Park, L16 9JD, UK
  • Ogbonnaya Anicho School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Liverpool Hope University, Hope Park, L16 9JD, UK
  • Emanuele Lindo Secco
    School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Liverpool Hope University, Hope Park, L16 9JD, UK

The Internet of Things and spatial computing are increasingly popular in today's technological environment. These devices can sometimes produce counterproductive effects, complicating the interaction between non-expert end users and the device itself. In this paper, we propose a simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective configurable smart mirror, which can display usefully relevant real-time information. This system is designed based on a low-cost Raspberry Pi paired with an LCD screen. The system can connect with a personal computer (PC) through the IEEE 802.15 wireless communication protocol. The preliminary results in this paper show the intuitive usability of the device in daily life.


Internet of Things; low-cost interactive design; intuitive design; user-friendly design


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