Digital Technologies Research and Applications (DTRA) manages topical collections in order to curate papers on specific subjects. The objective is to foster a community of authors and readers who can engage in discussions about the latest research and explore new ideas and research directions. These topical collections are lead and supervised by Collection Editors who possess expertise in the respective field and oversee the editorial process for the papers. All the papers published in a topical collection are consolidated on a dedicated page of the journal's website. If you have any queries regarding a topical collection, please reach out to the Editorial Office.

Target Tracking and Navigation Technology

Collection Editors: Dr. Guchong Li and Dr. Tuanwei Tian
Submission Deadline: 25 June 2024

Keywords: random finite set theory; belief propagation; multi-target tracking; integrated navigation technology; INS/GPS; distributed fusion; integrated radar and communication

Advanced Additive Manufacturing of Polymers

Collection Editors: Dr. Thang Quyet Tran and Dr. Muthu Vignesh Vellayappan
Submission Deadline: 31 July 2024

Keywords: material extrusion additive manufacturing; hybrid additive manufacturing; 3D printing/4D printing; multi-material printing; post-processing methods; non-destructive characterization; in-process monitoring; advanced polymer materials

Perfect Sequences for Digital Technologies

Collection Editor: Dr. João da Silva Pereira
Submission Deadline: 11 July 2024

Keywords: perfect sequences; digital technologies; sequence optimization; communication systems; signal processing; cryptography; wireless networks; machine learning; deep learning; performance optimization

Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Leveraging Fuzzy Sets

Collection Editors: Dr. Hüseyin Kamacı and Dr. Subramanian Petchimuthu
Submission Deadline: 30 November 2024

Keywords: fuzzy logic; fuzzy sets; fuzzy numbers; fuzzy hybrid models; fuzzy systems and applications; multi-criteria decision-making

Between Bytes and Belief: Navigating the Deepfake Landscape

Collection Editor: Dr. Zahid Akhtar
Submission Deadline: 31 July 2024

Keywords: deepfakes; audio deepfakes; video deepfakes; AI generated multimedia; digital face manipulations; digital forensics; fake news; multimedia manipulations; generative AI; security and privacy; information authenticity; face morphing attack; biometrics; deepfake media evidence; digital investigation; multimedia forensics; digital forensics

Smart Materials and Structures: Modelling and Optimisation

Collection Editors: Dr. Mojtaba Ghodsi Dr. Morteza Mohammadzaheri and Dr. Payam Soltani
Submission Deadline: 1 December 2024

Keywords: smart materials and structures; modelling; optimisation; sensors; actuators; harvester; machines; piezoelectric; magnetostrictive; position control; force control; 3D-printed smart structures; 4D-printed smart structures

Digital Green Innovation and Sustainable Development

Collection Editor: Dr. Shi Yin
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: digital green innovation economy; sustainable transportation and smart city; renewable energy and green industry; low-carbon economy; digital transformation; technological innovation

Technologies and Circuits for Energy Harvesting

Collection Editor: Dr. Luigi Costanzo
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: vibration energy harvesting; piezoelectric energy harvesters; electromagnetic energy harvesters; magnetostrictive energy harvesters; electric field energy harvesters; magnetic field energy harvesters; photovoltaic systems; wind turbines; thermoelectric generators; regenerative suspensions systems

Wireless Networks Applications for Smart Cities: Trends and Challenges

Collection Editors: Dr. Alexandra Bousia and Dr. Aspassia Daskalopoulou
Submission Deadline: 10 January 2025

Keywords: smart cities; wireless sensor networks; internet of things; urban planning; smart energy; mobility management; big data analytics

Leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Advancements in Operational Technology

Collection Editors: Dr. Abdul Rehman and Dr. Faisal Saeed
Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: operational technology; machine learning; deep learning; predictive maintenance; industrial automation; quality control algorithms; energy management optimization; supply chain analytics; safety and security in OT; process optimization techniques; robotics in manufacturing; Data-Driven decision making; anomaly detection systems; customization in industrial processes; real-world applications of ML/DL in OT

Advanced Digital Technology Research on Geo-Energy

Collection Editors: Prof. Dr. Peng Wu  Dr. Yunhui Wang and Dr. Zirui Wang
Submission Deadline: 31 October 2024

Keywords: unconventional oil and gas resources; digital cores; numerical simulations; pore network model; digital volume correlation; thermal conductivity; permeability; mechanical behavior; electrical conductivity; multiphysics coupling; machine learning; deep learning; artificial intelligence; visualization of mechanical behavior; X-ray CT; microstructure; gas hydrate; coal bed methane; shale oil/gas

Specialization Trends in Computational Economics

Collection Editors: Dr. Kyriaki Tsilika and  Dr. Athanasios Stavrakoudis
Submission Deadline: 1 April 2025

Keywords: data analytics; big data analytics; databases; digital didactic tools; open-source languages; artificial intelligence; economic modelling

Technological Developments in Machine Learning for Electrical Engineering and Electronics with Multidisciplinary Applications

Collection Editors: Dr. Barmak Honarvar Shakibaei Asli
Submission Deadline: 31 March 2025

Keywords: Electrical Engineering; Artificial-Intelligence-Based Electrical Machines and Drives; Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Digital Signal and Image Processing; Data Analysis; Pattern Recognition; Predictive Maintenance; Structural health monitoring (SHM); Data Classification, Segmentation, and Clustering; Object Detection and Tracking; Medical imaging for EEG/ECG Signal Processing; Feature selection, Extraction, and Learning

Advancing Healthcare Through Emerging Technologies

Collection Editors: Dr. G. Pradeep Reddy
Submission Deadline: 10 September 2024

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Internet of Things (IoT); Wearable Devices; Blockchain; Digital Health

Understanding Digital Artistic Creation Processes as a Catalyst for Cultural & Creative Industries Development

Collection Editors: Dr. Emma Duester
Submission Deadline: 15 August 2024

Keywords: Human-centered perspectives on AI; Creative practices and processes; Education, students’ uses of AI; Teachers’ uses of AI in the classroom; Human exploration of AI; Creativity and control in the use of AI; Creative collaborations and partnerships with AI; Cultural management & policy on creatives’ uses of AI and digital technologies; Development of the Cultural & Creative Industries through digital technologies & AI

Integrated Circuit Design and Test/Measurement Related Technologies

Collection Editors: Prof. Dr. Haruo KobayashiProf. Dr. Kiichi NiitsuProf. Dr. Toru SaiProf. Dr. Tadashi Ito andProf. Dr. Kentaroh Katoh

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2024

Keywords: Analog circuit; Mixed signal circuit; Power electronics circuit; RF circuit; Optoelectronic circuit; Digital circuit; Signal processing technologies; LSI measurement/testing technologies; Device technologies; MEMS, sensor