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China's First Forage-based Multi-omics Database Platform Established


  • China Science


Milletdb contains the genomes of 7 genera of Millets and 1800 different genomics data, including graphical pangenomics, genome, transcriptomics, epigenomics, variegation, and phenomics, etc. Milletdb also integrates 20 utilities, which can help users quickly identify individual genes, construct regulatory networks from multiple levels, and characterize gene sets, enabling rapid search for candidate genes and their related information. on August 3, the paper was formally published in the academic journal called Plant Biotechnology Journal (Plant Biotechnology Journal).

Milletdb is by far the most comprehensive multi-omics database for millet and wolfsbane, and is also the first multi-omics database focusing on forage grasses in China. It contains and visualizes a large amount of multi-omics data, allowing users to extend the study of individual genes to the level of genetic networks. Milletdb has a user-friendly, bilingual interface and provides operation manuals for all tools, which can effectively promote the gene function study and molecular breeding process of lycopods.