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Lunar Landing Gear Be New Soon! Lunar landers and others are on their way.


  • China Science


China plans to achieve a manned landing on the Moon by 2030, and to accomplish this task. China is developing the Long March 10 launch vehicle. The new-generation manned launch vehicle, named Long March 10, has been designed in two configurations, the first with boost, which is mainly responsible for sending the lunar lander and the lunar landing craft into the Earth-Moon transfer orbit. Because of the long delivery distance, the rocket thrust is higher in this configuration. The height is about 92 meters, the take-off mass is about 2,187 tons, and the take-off thrust is about 2,678 tons.

At present the development work is in the process of orderly and rapid progress, the typical characteristics of the launch vehicle is also the use of non-toxic and non-polluting liquid oxygen kerosene propellant, the core stage diameter of 5 meters, bundled with a 5-meter diameter booster. Of course, in order to meet the needs of manned landing on the moon, its biggest requirement is that the carrying capacity should be large, so its future lunar orbit carrying capacity is 27 tons, which is more than three times higher than that of the Long March 5, and the carrying capacity of the near-Earth orbit is about 70 tons, which is about three times higher than that of the Long March 5, which is roughly of the same order of magnitude.