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Shenzhou 15 Completes All Scheduled Tasks in Space for Half a Year


  • Shujie Yang
  • Zheyu Liu


The Shenzhou 15 mission is the sixth mission of China's manned space program in 2022, and it is also the last mission during the construction phase of China's space station. The crew will work and live in orbit for 6 months. The main purpose of the mission is to verify that the space station supports crew rotation capabilities, realizing the first on-orbit rotation of astronaut crews; carrying out the installation and commissioning of equipment inside and outside the space station and space application mission-related facilities and equipment, conducting space science experiments and technical tests; performing daily maintenance and repair of the space station which is the normal operation mode of the cabin assembly. Aerospace members are Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu.