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Academician Ouyang Ziyuan the “Father of Chang'e”

Special Guest of China Photo Contest


  • Zheyu Liu


On the completion day of the China Photo Contest Collection Hall and the National History Image Base, which is also the awarding ceremony of the Fangshan Division of the China Photo Contest, we are honored to invite Academician Ouyang Ziyuan to conduct an interview and ask him to give our photo contest awards and blessings for the completion of the base.

Academician Ouyang Ziyuan dedicated his talents to China's aerospace industry, closely integrated himself with the country, and cared about the revitalization of the nation and the prosperity of the country. Academician Ouyang has a sense of mission and responsibility, and insists that scientific researchers must endure loneliness and poverty. Not only that, Academician Ouyang cultivates morality and cultivates people, and has trained nearly 100 masters and doctors for the motherland. He has become the backbone of China's scientific research, teaching and production, and has grown into an academic leader in various fields of geochemistry.